Samuels Vehicle Hire supply the very best minibus and people movers to the New Zealand rental market.

In our opinion the Mercedes Sprinter passenger van is the most stylish, comfortable and safest 12 seat minibus vehicle available. Many of our clients claim that driving the Sprinter is like driving a car but you have to remember that it’s a little bit longer! The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was designed to handle any job in the most efficient manner. Whether through the use of less fuel or through intelligently designed controls for easy operation, the Sprinter is the perfect passenger van. The Mercedes Sprinter minibus has peace of mind in its design and its innovative safety features ensure that you and your passengers arrive to any destination safe and sound. To assist with parking and reversing we have a camera fitted to all of the Sprinters in our fleet. The huge luggage area also makes the Sprinter the perfect touring vehicle, 12 large suitcases along with hand bags are easily carried. A selection of our Sprinter minibus vehicles are fitted with a tow bar which allows a luggage trailer to be pulled.

In order to accommodate as many as eight passengers, the Mercedes V-Class chassis must be able to adapt to driving conditions while carrying a lot of weight. Thanks to the vehicle’s newly developed suspension, this is done with ease. Front and rear axles have been designed and include retuned dampers, re-engineered torsion bars, bearings and transverse links. These developments have made the V-Class handling precise and predictable while drastically improving the quality of the ride, whether it’s filled with passengers and luggage or is only occupied by the driver. The V-Class interior has been designed with a premium level of comfort and relaxation in mind. The vehicle’s seats have been ergonomically designed and provide travelers with maximum comfort even on the longest journeys. Normally equipped to seat seven, the V-Class can be fitted with an additional seat if it is needed, offering space for up to eight passengers. During inclement weather, adverse road conditions or abrupt braking, a vehicle can quickly begin to skid, but not in a V-Class. The latest generation electronic stability program works in partnership with the electronic brake force distribution to restore stability in hazardous driving situations.


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